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Cape Agulhas Business Association

Cape Agulhas Business Association (CABA) strives to create a vibrant and sustainable socio-economic environment in the Cape Agulhas region.

The Cape Agulhas Business Association were founded on 24 October 2018. At this meeting businesses joined CABA as members. At a members meeting on 21 November 2018 the members nominated 9 individuals to form a committee and accepted the new constitution. The committee had its first meeting on 26 November 2018 where the committee decided among themselves the portfolios and who would hold which portfolio. CABA is a voluntary association of persons operating as an independent legal entity.

CABA serves the entire region within the borders of the Cape Agulhas Municipality.

CABA strives:
  • To bring together business people, irrespective of colour, race, language or gender.
  • To promote the economic progress of the CABA area by way of the investigation, creation and marketing of development and investment opportunities.
  • To promote the inflow of tourists through development, conservation and marketing of the region as preferred holiday destination for local, national and international tourists and visitors.
  • To support community development at all levels for the promotion of a stable, motivated, responsible community.
  • To promote liaison and co-operation with, and co-ordination of the respective community and service organisations in order to establish common values and a common vision, and a better life and work environment.
  • To help eliminate economic imbalances through continuous pursuance of new business opportunities, and to promote the establishment of small and medium enterprises and co-ops in the service area and to support them so that their full potential may be realised.
  • To create discussion forums with other business organisations regarding subjects of common interest in order to support the development of a self-sustaining community.
  • To establish a solid partnership with National, Provincial and Local Government based on the principle of mutual respect for each other’s authority and role; to liaise with them and to negotiate regarding the co-ordination and monitoring of the respective development initiatives in the CABA region.
  • To provide service to its members by way of guidance, business leadership and teaching in order to better equip them for the business world, by arranging lectures and discussions on any subject or legislation concerning the business world, and to receive such information, to process and to distribute this among its members through a variety of communication channels.
  • To help bring about a situation in which local youth develop optimally, and to empower them with skills and enterprise for their future entrepreneurial, civil and leadership roles by working together with the training institutions and other institutions who would be able to provide resources to them, in order to establish small and medium enterprises in their communities.
  • To give recognition in a fitting way to any person who has made a substantial contribution, or who has performed, be that in the area of business, the cultural sphere or in any other aspect in the CABA region.
  • To arrange functions and generate funds to further the aims of CABA
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